Thomas Beug’s directing work brings together a spontaneous, real-life sensibility with an eye for beautifully composed, cinematic visuals. Originally from a small town in the West of Ireland, he is now based in a large town on the East coast of America. Beug joined Droga5 in 2006 as employee #8, and while at Droga5 he directed a global Adidas campaign featuring Novak Djokovic, Kaka, Dwight Howard and Tyson Gay. He then went on to direct a documentary campaign for Puma, which featured Usain Bolt returning to Jamaica following his multiple Gold Medal victory at the Beijing Olympics.

In 2009, Beug co-created an independent travel show called This Is My City. The first season of the show brought him to nine different countries in a search for the insider perspective on cities from various clued-in locals. The show has been an online hit and featured in publications such as The New York Times and The Guardian. The first season can be seen here!


In 2013, he created three Prudential films for Droga5 that were part of a Titanium Lion winning campaign.  A documentary series for Budweiser entitled Rise As One (Vice) returned him to the documentary sporting world and saw him shooting in seven countries including Brazil, China and Palestine in the lead up to the 2014 FIFA World Cup.


In 2014, Beug directed a short documentary called Hangar B, which follows a group of octogenarians who restore old aircraft in a forgotten hangar of the Floyd Bennett Airfield in Brooklyn. The film brought him to the White House for AFI DOCs, won ‘Best Documentary Short’ at the Fastnet International Shorts Festival and received a ‘Critic’s Pick’ at the DOC NYC Film Festival. More recently, Beug complete another short documentary called The Swimmer, which follows an Irish open-water swimmer. It is currently doing the international festival circuit.


Beug is 6ft 8 but he does not play basketball. He can also report that the weather is exactly the same up there.